“Adversity is but the dawn of a path anew showing what needs to be transformed, in order to forge a fresh beginning.”

Our mission is helping Human Beings to manage consciousness with a heart-centered awareness to embody sovereignty, and manifest the meaningful and satisfying experience desired—internally and externally—in connection to this amazing planet.


Being a human being is an exciting experience when we know how to play this game! At this point, we are being requested to embody the practical and aware living sovereignty grants.  My sincere priority is supporting you to embody your true essence and purpose, within awareness, in the easiest and most graceful way.  As a result of my keen abilities, personal…

I am a Human Energetics consultant and instructor using an energetic perspective because it’s the highest and simplest since everything else is subsequent.  I use a reliable methodology that consistently produces prompt, deep, efficient and permanent results, so you can comfortably engage the world with confidence, from a centered perspective to enjOy your living!  I facilitate…

Enticed by deep traumatic events and taking my experience into my own hands, despite my challenging circumstances, at the tender age of nine, I proclaimed my sovereignty, became a survivor and remembered creating this incarnation intending to deliver a specific message to humanity, in these times of transition.  From that point forward, Earth and Life became my mentors for how I elaborated my experience, as a human being.  From my deep love…


Individualized Healing

As a Human Energetics specialist, I facilitate an energetic perspective for individuals, groups and society. I have developed the agility to identify entangled energy, and match it with tools I have learned and developed to facilitate rapid and permanent transformative shifts, toward thriving.

Classes, Courses, Gathrings

It is with great joy and personal satisfaction, I here present various classes, courses and gatherings, as the results of my devoted intention to offer humanity tools for managing a heart-centered living.


Total Recall

“An Energetic up-to-date”

This is a revolutionary class offering you up-to-date information and a choice to reconnect to the Natural Matrix, which is Life Itself.

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Human Energetics

“A Leading Perspective”

Energy is the elemental component of everything in our universe, which means everything is subsequent to it, therefore adopting an energetic perspective is the most serving, when it comes to managing our experineces, as human beings.

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These 2 courses are a practical approach for Human Beings to operate humanness, from an energetic perspective.  These courses can produce a centered living that yields comfort and peace, in spite of external circumstances. 

1. Vision into Mission

“The looping dance between creator and created, creating”

Continuing the study of Human Energetics, the energetic perspective is used in this course as a practical planned approach, inviting an alignment between essence and matter, and matter back to essence, within awareness. This dynamic completes the loop between the created and creator aspects creating.

This course offers a planned methodology, as a preparation of the terrain to seed physical reality at at will, as the creator of personal experiences.

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2. Emerging

“We must first die to everything we thought we were,
in order to be born to a new Living, within the same body.”

Working purely through an energetic perspective now, this course uses the planification of Vision into Mission, as a map for the alchemical process needed, in order to seed reality at the practical and physical level, to produce results at the external level, from internal cohesiveness.

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These social events are a way to bring in the physical aspect of presence, into this new Human Energetics perspective.  They provide a safe space to meet, practice our alignment, and expand our vision through cross pollination.

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S. Greenfield, LA, USA

 “I had no idea what to expect of Diana, as a life coach. She was highly recommended, but I wasn’t sure the sweet and easygoing woman I met would deliver the power I needed to get me unstuck. But don’t let her smile fool you for a second. Even through a long-distance series of appointments (I bought a package of 10 I highly recommend), she was able to guide me into physical sensations she had no way of knowing I was…

S. Greenfield, LA, USA

…feeling other than applying her ability to feel and see right through me. She showed me how my thoughts, words and actions were creating those physical knots and blocks. I got so many practical tools to apply and maintain the alignment I got from our sessions. Thank you for helping me get the healing and the flow to enjoy my life from a new perspective.”

Meriah. Vancouver, Canada

“My overall impression of consulting with you is that you are attuned to all things intangible and have a large repertoire of strategies, information and techniques to work through issues. In addition to this, you are extremely good at verbalizing how to move through these strategies, allowing me to easily access deep personal information and take control of myself –allowing me to be the person I want to be in this life. As a result of our sessions, I have become better able to…

Meriah. Vancouver, Canada

…identify my own feelings, desires and gifts. I’ve been able to untangle and identify areas where I was confused about what I was feeling, doing and thinking. I specifically enjoy the level to which you are attuned to the intangible and how you make that accessible. You also identify tangible ways to process intangible life issues and use beautiful symbolism to connect them. You have given me many specific tools to process and grow. I have increased my self-awareness and thus…

Meriah. Vancouver, Canada

…increased my capacity to grow. You have also given me the capacity to identify my strengths in my line of work and focus them, providing better support to others. I recommend you because you have the capacity to help people succeed at whatever their goal or focus may be. By assisting people to expand their awareness of themselves, their surroundings, and giving people the opportunity to become the best version of themselves they can be, your counsel can help in any facet of life.”

Stefan Grafstein, LA, USA

“Diana is one of the most present, loving and inspired people I have worked with. She has helped me to see the places in myself where there is a lack of alignment in my thoughts and choices. I consider myself to be someone who is very self aware and who has done a lot of work on improving myself. She has helped me in taking my self awareness to the next level of noticing… 

Stefan Grafstein, LA, USA

the minutiae of ways I want to be choosing my thoughts and words to support what I am wanting in life. Diana has a highly developed intuitive sense. She knows when she needs to be firm to call me out on when I am not seeing what I could be seeing. She also has a huge heart and can be tender as an angel, when needed to give support. She has a clear understanding of how…

Stefan Grafstein, LA, USA

…people work. She sees how our minds, hearts, bodies and souls operate together and how to apply her skills and knowledge to best support us in living our highest life and being out best self.”


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